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I had always enjoyed swimming and being with the girls in a pool party. - Tracie Z    

Here is a pic of David Hasselhoff asking me for my autograph (yeah - right).

Me with Logan from Baywatch.

I was on the set in Miami during the making of one of Celine Dion's music videos, and she kindly posed for a quick pic.

Hi there, ... my name is Tracie and I am from Yorkshire in England and would like to tell you a little about myself.  I consider myself as a country girl at heart, being brought up on a working farm out in the beautiful countryside of '' The Yorkshire Dales '' in England. I had a wonderful upbringing with what I would call nature's gift. In my childhood I was involved with rearing horses, breeding cattle, running with the sheep, the dogs and most of all -- my greatest pleasure -- breeding Siamese cats. My life was the best !!!!

As I reached adulthood, I felt the need to spread my wings a little and find out what life was really all about.My first step -- the city of London -- where I decided to give it a go in the modelling world. I was 20 years old and my life was about to change.I realised that modelling had always been a part of me and I always wanted to do something completely different from my siblings, like trying out in Beauty contests, or wanting to join a dance school. This was my way of trying to express myself and to be someone more than a country girl, that everyone else always thought I was, and would always be (I even dated a farmer once, but that was not for me in the end). Therefore, going to the big city...i.e. London, was a necessary part of me spreading my wings, and in the end it paid off.  I enjoyed going for the test shots, but I felt most comfortable at taking my clothes off -- the exhibitionist nature in me came to blossom (I think my parents freaked out a little ) -- but suddenly I realised I had a thriving career going in the "glamour" industry. I worked for many adult magazines i.e. Penthouse, Club, Men only, Risque, Cheri, and many European fetish and bondage magazines. Then I started appearing in the British tabloid newspapers: The Daily Mirror, Daily Sport ,Daily Star, etc.

Many of my modelling shoots have taken me to far away and wonderfully exciting places ie; The Seychelles, Los Angeles, Italy, The Canary Islands, France, Portugal ,Germany, Amsterdam, Spain etc.. The shoot in the exotic Seychelles was an exciting assignment for me -- it was my first calendar shoot -- such a beautiful place in the sun !!! My next assignment was to Los Angeles, hosting a game show called "SuperMarket Sweep" for the LifeTime cable channel -- that was my first tv experience! After LA, I was back in Britain again, working in London, then travelling again around Europe. I never stopped.

After working in LA, I realised that through my travelling around the World, that I wanted to stay in the United States. Therefore I returned to the USA in 1996 and began working with the
Aqua Entertainment & WAMTEC video production company, and performing in their wetlook, underwater and slapstick productions -- gee -- this was so much fun -- I had never taken so many baths and showers nor washed my hair so many times in my life. I had always enjoyed swimming and being with the girls in a pool party, and now I was getting paid to have fun underwater too. The pie fights, chocolate and mudwrestling scenes were great fun too. I am still learning to scuba dive, and I hope to get my diving certification in future too. Also, I had to learn some new skills, such as holding my breath for up to 2 minutes to work on the underwater bondage scenes and catfights that the we do for the "Aquatapes" productions.  Anyway, after several video shoots in Florida from 1996 to 1998, I decided to move from England to live in the Miami area. I just love to go to South Beach to party -- and you cannot beat the food -- I am in orgasm when Stone Crabs are in season-- those are my favorite delicacy ...mmmm...yummy. If you are driving around Miami see a model on the side of the road, carrying a sign saying "will work for Stone Crabs" -- that will be me......ha ha !!

Anyway, so these days I am living in sunny South Florida, and have found lots of very interesting acting and modelling work in the thriving Miami film industry (a lot of tv shows and movies are now being made down here these days). So far I have had several small roles in movies and tv shows shot in South Florida. I was cast as a dancer in a new movie (not yet released) called "The Last Marshall" opposite Scott Glenn (you probably remember him from "The Right Stuff" and "Silence of the Lambs") -- that was fun, but hard on my feet for 12 hours -- phew !! After that, I did some extra work on the USA Network tv cop show series "Sins of the City" in several episodes. Last summer I had a walk-in role in Billy Crystal's new movie "Analyze This" with Robert DeNiro and Lisa Kudrow. This film has just been released. I played one of the bikini girls walking next to Billy Crystal during the swimming pool scenes.Billy was very nice and gratious to me.  Then I was next cast in a " Will Smith" music video shot in Miami....and I got to speak with him......wow -- he is such a cool guy !!!

I have many friends in the Miami film industry, so I am often able to sneak onto the set of some of these productions. South Florida is such a great place. I have met many famous people here in Florida? I met Matt Dillon in a coffee bar in South Beach. I had a little chat with him -- but then I got lost for words so I went to sit back down, but later my friend told me he was eyeing me up! I could not believe it -- anyway enough about dreaming. I also met Whitney Houston while I was shopping in my local Walgreens pharmacy (can you believe that....Whitney pushing a shopping cart around) -- she was alot smaller than I thought. I also got to meet Eddie Murphy when he was shooting down here for his film called "The Holy Man" with Kelly Preston and Jeff Goldblum (a friend of mine was a production assistant on the film -- so I got a pass to sneak onto the set). While in California, I also got to be on the set of "Baywatch" and to meet David Hasselhoff and Yasmeen Bleeth too, and have my picture taken with them (gee...wish I could have gotten a part on that show). .

I must say my greatest pleasure would be working with The SSS Supermodels (my friends) at Aqua Entertainment & WAMTEC . We have had many great experiences having fun in the water, under the water, having pie fights, mudwrestling, chocolate baths, bubble baths, pool parties, dunk tank machines, hairwashing, bondage, breathholding, legs and heels stuff...you name it. I am a fully fledged SSS/Aquatapes model and one of a team of great girls who work on the Aquatapes, SSS and Mark2 videos.


MAY - 2001: TRACIE Z OPENS HER OWN MODELLING SCHOOL.In 2001 I decided to become a producer and director and to hire my own models and to direct my own videos, and in 2004 I created my own modelling school and opened my own website and today I am having lots of fun producing my own videos and I have over 50 models who work for my modelling agency. I f you have comments or feedback, please use my CONTACT and FEEDBACK page -- or just post questions or comments to my FORUM.  I try my best to answer all comments and emails when I am in town. Sometimes I go out of town for a couple of weeks on a modelling assignments, so if I am awayI will get back to you as soon as I am back in town.

Bye for now   Tracie xxx

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